Levelfix CCL360G 3D cone-linelaser

Projects 360° horizontal and 2x 360° green vertical line

  • green 360° horizontal line
  • 2x green 360° vertical lines at 90°
  • Rechargeable (Li-Ion)
  • Detector function (optional)
  • High accuracy


Standard delivery:
✔  Multifunctional wall mount
✔  Target plate
✔  Charger and battery
✔  In solid case

LEVELFIX CCL360G – 3D Conelaser 3x360° green

The high-quality 3D line laser

The Levelfix CCL360G is a high-quality line laser with 3x 360° lines. The smart design ensures that the laser can be positioned well for all applications, even in corners. The instrument is very suitable for all interior work, such as placing floors, walls, ceilings, kitchens and other constructions. The CCL360G comes with a Li-ion battery and charger and further accessories.


    The Levelfix CCL360G is equiped with a self-leveling pendulum and ensures a perfect level of the laser lines. If the Levelfix CCL360G is not set correctly, the lines will flash. You can switch-off the self-levelling system This allows you to project all the angles you want.


    The Levelfix CCL360G belongs to our LEVELFIX+ product range. The LEVELFIX+ models are characterised by the highest quality, best achievable accuracy, excellent specifications and 4 year warranty*. In addition, they are richly equipped with handy and smart accessories.


    The self-levelling pendulum system is leveling itself. The SmartLock system ensures that you can safely transport the Levelfix CCL360G because the pendulum is locked in this position. By turning the CCL360G on in this position, slope lines can possibly be projected.

    HighPower+ diode

    The Levelfix CCL360G is equipped with a strong green laser diode that is 4x more visible than the classic red diode. The HighPower+ diode projects clear and sharp laser Visibility remains heavily dependent on the ambient light. The more light the less visible the lines are.

    Receiver function

    The Levelfix CCL360G features a receiver function. This allows you to use the CCL360G in combination with a levelfix receiver at longer distances or outdoors, even if the line is no longer visible. With the receiver the laser is able to detect up to <50m. The LLD100GR receiver is available as an option.


    The Charge & Work function ensures that you can charge the Levelfix CCL360G while using the instrument. This avoids unnecessary waiting time due to empty batteries that need to be charged first.

    Li-ion technology

    It Levelfix CCL360G comes complete with Li-ion battery and charger.

    About LEVELFIX™ Smart Precision Tools – Innovative , accurate , robust and complete with a 4- year warranty*

    With more than 25 years of experience and knowledge behind LEVELFIX lasers, they are manufactured You will get 4 years warranty on the CCL360G so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

    LEVELFIX has the best price-quality ratio on the market, this guarantees you the best quality for your money. * Extend the standard 1-year factory warranty to 4 years by register your laser within 2 weeks of purchase.


Range: 20m / receiver 40m
Accuracy: 2mm @ 10m
Functions: 3x 360° (horizontal and vertical)
Laser Class: 525 nm / class 2m (green)
Working time: 8 hours - all lines
Construction: IP 54
Rechareable: Yes


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