Levelfix CL618R Multiline laser

Projects 360° horizontal, 4 vertical lines and downpoint

  • Self-leveling by servo motors
  • Complete with charger and NiMH accuses
  • Accuracy 1.5 mm/ 10 mtr
  • Detector function (optional)
  • Laser Class 2m - High Power


Standard delivery:
✔  Laser glasses
✔  Target plate
✔  Charger and battery
✔  In solid case

The LEVELFIX CL618R is a motorized line laser with fine adjustment and projects a red horizontal 360° line, 4 vertical lines at 90° and a downpoint

The distinctive multiline laser

The CL618 multiline laser is distinguished by the use of servo motors for levelling. This is the same technique that is also used in rotary lasers. The result: high accuracy and the ability to setup a slope. Furthermore, it has all possible lines, such as the 4 vertical lines, 360 degrees horizontal and the down point on the floor. Together with the included battery, charger and further accessories you can work right away.


    The Levelfix CL618R belongs to our LEVELFIX+ product range. The LEVELFIX+ models are characterised by the highest quality, best achievable accuracy, excellent specifications and 4 year warranty*. In addition, they are richly equipped with handy and smart accessories.

    HighPower red

    The Levelfix CL618R features a strong red laser diode that is more visible than the classic red diode. The HighPower diode projects clear and sharp laser lines. Visibility remains heavily depending on the ambient light. The more light the less visible the lines are.

    Receiver function

    The Levelfix CL618R features a receiver function. This allows you to use the CL618R in combination with a levelfix receiver at longer distances or outdoors, even if the line is no longer visible. With the receiver the laser is able to detect up to <50m. The LLD100GR receiver is available as an option.

    Li-ion technology

    It Levelfix CL618R comes complete with Li-ion battery and charger.


    The Charge & Work function ensures that you can charge the Levelfix CL618R while using the instrument. This avoids unnecessary waiting time due to empty batteries that need to be charged first.


    The fully automatic system ensures that the Levelfix CL618R is leveled by use of servo motors. The CL618R is also equipped with a manual function in which the self leveling system is switched off and a manual slope can be set. ideal for shipyard and bodywork construction, alignment of solar panels, etc.

    About LEVELFIX™ Smart Precision Tools – Innovative , accurate , robust and complete with a 4- year warranty*

    With more than 25 years of experience and knowledge behind LEVELFIX lasers, they are manufactured You will get 4 years warranty on the CL618R so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

    LEVELFIX has the best price-quality ratio on the market, this guarantees you the best quality for your money. * Extend the standard 1-year factory warranty to 4 years by register your laser within 2 weeks of purchase.


Range: 20m / receiver 40m
Accuracy: 1.5mm @ 10m
Functions: horizontal 360°, 4x vertical 90°
Laser Class: 635 nm / class 2m (red)
Working time: 12 hours - all lines
Construction: IP 54
Rechareable: Yes
Slopet: Manually adjustable
Slope range:


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