Levelfix DT500L Theodolite

Digital theodolite with laser

  • Large, bright and backlit display on both sides
  • Focusable laser aiming point
  • 30x magnification
  • 5" accuracy


Standard delivery:
✔  Dust and rain cover
✔  Battery pack and charger
✔  Alkaline battery holder
✔  In plastic case

Levelfix DT-500L Digital Theodolite with Laser

Digital theodolite with laser straightener and laser lead

The DT500L is a robust digital theodolite made for everyday ease of use. The laser aiming point is precisely aligned with the
center of the cross wires and is optional to use. This makes alignment faster and makes point plotting visual.
In addition, the DT500L is equipped with a laser plumb for easy positioning above measuring points.

Accurate and equipped with a compensator

The DT500L has an accuracy of 5″ and is therefore extremely accurate. The 30x magnification ensures a clear image.
The built-in compensator which can be switched on or off on the vertical axis ensures the correct reading of the values
without checking the dragonfly every time.

Backlit 2-sided display

The DT500L is equipped with 2 large, bright and illuminated displays. The display is easy to read and with the buttons are the
Quickly select standard functions. This makes it easy to quickly switch between degrees and gon on the horizontal axis, degrees or
% on the vertical axis, set left or right rotation measurement, 0-point setting the horizontal circle and turning it on or off
of the laser aiming point.

    About LEVELFIX™ Smart Precision Tools – Innovative , accurate , robust and complete with a 4- year warranty*

    With more than 25 years of experience and knowledge behind LEVELFIX lasers, they are manufactured You will get 4 years warranty on the DT500L so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

    LEVELFIX has the best price-quality ratio on the market, this guarantees you the best quality for your money. * Extend the standard 1-year factory warranty to 4 years by register your laser within 2 weeks of purchase.



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