Levelfix LLD100GR detector

Detector for line lasers

  • Suitable for line lasers with a red or green beam
  • Large reception window (80mm)
  • Range: ≥50M
  • IP66 protection


Standard delivery:
✔  Clamp
✔  Manual

LEVELFIX LLD100GR - Digital detector

Digital detector for line lasers with red and green lines

This rugged detector has a large reception window and is designed for everyday ease of use. The detector is robust, has a impact-resistant case and is waterproof (IP66). The detector is suitable for red and green line lasers.

    Levelfix accessories

    Our comprehensive range of accessories make the daily use of your instruments simpler and easier. Our delivery scope includes tripods, staff level, mounting adapters, wall holders, receivers, clamps, chargers and batteries.


Vertical range: 80mm
Detection area: 80m
Display: LED and arrows
Suiteable for: Line lasers
Suiteable for lasers: Red/Green


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