Levelfix P280EH Tripod

Aluminium elevating flathead tripod

  • Elevating universal construction tripod
  • 76cm elevating column


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LEVELFIX P280EH - Aluminum flathead tripod

    exterior tripod

    The Levelfix P280EHis an exterior tripod and therefore best suited for outdoor use. The tripod is equipped with metal leg points that can be pressed into the surface for more stability. In addition, the P280EH one is equipped with a spread protection.

    Elevating tripod

    The Levelfix P280EH is equipped with a adjustable column. With the crank elevation a specific height can be approached easily.


Max. length: 280cm
Min. length: 126cm
Connection: 5/8"
Type of tripod: Flat base tripod
Model: Heavy
Elevating: Ja


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