LEVELFIX™ Smart Precision Tools

Innovative, accurate, durable and 4-year warranty

LEVELFIX, based in the Netherlands, has been producing measuring instruments for 25 years. Driven by a passion for innovative products, we have been producing high quality instruments that can meet all the expectations of the professional user; accurate, durable and reliable.

The lasers are known for their robustness, innovativeness, high accuracy and 4-year warranty. You can be sure, with a LEVELFIX you will get a professional, reliable instrument.

Levelfix: quality that professionals can rely on

Lasers and instruments

We are constantly working behind the scenes on improving and developing our products and looking for new solutions for the future. With our experience producing innovative products, we are currently working on point cloud, laser scanning and smart positioning tools.

We currently produce cross-line lasers, 3x360° 3D cone lasers, Rotary lasers, Distance Meters, Levels, Theodolites, Tripods and Accessories.

Surveyors at work with digger as background.

Let's work together

NEXT generation instruments
Our professional laser products are designed with ease of use, accuracy and durability in mind.

All LEVELFIX products are built to the highest standards and come with a industry-leading 4-year warranty.

New from LEVELFIX: SmartConnect Technology

SmartConnect Technology gives the user instant access to anti-theft protection, mobile remote control, shock notifications, battery power indicator, and more.

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