Levelfix 550HVG Construction laser

Fully automatic all-round building laser with green beam

  • 600 meters work range
  • Accuracy 4.8mm/100mtr.
  • Running time 40 hours on 1 charge
  • IP 66 construction (waterproof)
  • Equipped with manual slope and TILT function


Standard delivery:
✔  Detector RLD100GR
✔  Clamp
✔  Battery and charger (Li-on)
✔  Remote control
✔  Wall holder
✔  Plastic case

LEVELFIX 550HVG - Fully automatic all-round building laser with green beam

The all-round laser for indoor and outdoor with green beam.

Whether it’s constructing of walls and ceilings, setting up a construction site, setting out a foundation, making angles or checking heights, the Levelfix 550HVG can do it all. The laser is easy to operate and designed for everyday convenience.

The all-in-one construction laser.

The Levelfix 550HVG contains all the functions needed for all work in interior and exterior constructions. The laser can be placed horizontally and vertically. With the included remote control, it is easy to layout angles and vertical lines.

The laser has a tilt function that ensures that you always work with the right size, if the tilt function is turned on, the laser will continue to monitor the height and block if the height changes due to, for example, severe shocks or unwanted movement of the laser.
The manual slope function allows you to quickly and easily set a shot with the remote control on either the x- or-y axis.

The laser is equipped with a plumb dot, adjustable rotation speed and an adjustable scan line function allowing you to project the laser line onto a specific plane making it more visible and not nuisance in the environment.
By using the green POWER+ diode, the laser beam is up to 4x more visible to the human eye than traditional red building lasers. This allows working on long distances without a receiver. Ideal for, for example, layout ceilings and walls.

Excellent specifications

The laser has an IP66 construction that protects the laser from dust and moisture. The laser has an accuracy of 4.8mm/100 meters and is equipped with a removable Li-on battery pack.

The large working range of 600 meters (with receiver) and the long operating time of 45 hours make the laser suitable for the demanding user.

Complete with rugged detector

The Levelfix 550HVG comes complete with the robust RLD100GR detector
The RLD100GR has a large reception window, an illuminated and bright display and is designed for everyday ease of use. The receiver is robust, impact-resistant housing and is waterproof (IP66)


    The Levelfix 550HVG belongs to our LEVELFIX+ product range. The LEVELFIX+ models are characterised by the highest quality, best achievable accuracy, excellent specifications and 4 year warranty*. In addition, they are richly equipped with handy and smart accessories.

    HighPower+ diode

    The Levelfix 550HVG is equipped with a strong green laser diode that is 4x more visible than the classic red diode. The HighPower+ diode projects clear and sharp laser Visibility remains heavily dependent on the ambient light. The more light the less visible the lines are.

    Li-ion technology

    It Levelfix 550HVG comes complete with Li-ion battery and charger.

    LEVELFIX Connect

    The smart communication between your smartphone and your LEVELFIX laser. With the LEVELFIX CONNECT App you can easily connect the 550HVG to your smartphone. Once connected , you can control the laser on your smart device and have instant access to the manual. he functionality of the APP will be extended even more in the near future.


    The Charge & Work function ensures that you can charge the Levelfix 550HVG while using the instrument. This avoids unnecessary waiting time due to empty batteries that need to be charged first.

    About LEVELFIX™ Smart Precision Tools – Innovative , accurate , robust and complete with a 4- year warranty*

    With more than 25 years of experience and knowledge behind LEVELFIX lasers, they are manufactured You will get 4 years warranty on the 550HVG so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

    LEVELFIX has the best price-quality ratio on the market, this guarantees you the best quality for your money. * Extend the standard 1-year factory warranty to 4 years by register your laser within 2 weeks of purchase.


Range: 600m
Accuracy: 4.8mm @ 100m
Functions: rotate 0/150/300/600 rpm, scan line and point
Laser Class: 525 nm / class 2m (green)
Working time: 55 hours
Construction: IP 66
Rechareable: Yes
Slopet: Manually adjustable
Slope range: 0 to 10%


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