Levelfix FX400I Tripod

Tripod laser pole

  • Pole laser tripod with 4 poles
  • For quick placing between floor/ceiling
  • With seperate tripod freestanding to use.


Standard delivery:
✔  In pouch
✔  with seperate tripod

LEVELFIX FX400i - Aluminium laser pole with tripod

    Interior tripod

    The Levelfix FX400i is an interior tripod and therefore best suited for indoor use. The tripod is equipped with plastic (set) feet that will not damage the surface of the floor. In addition, the FX400i one is equipped with a spread protection.


Max. length: 380
Min. length: 100
Connection: 5/8"
Type of tripod: Flat base tripod
Model: Light
Elevating: Nee


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