Levelfix MB50E Accessories

Universal leveling Staff 5mtr

measuring-mm-distribution-5-mtr (1)
  • Aluminium
  • With E and mm reading on front
  • With mm reading on back
  • Telescopic extendable to 5 m
  • Also use as a telescopic meter.


Standard delivery:
✔  In pouch
✔  Vial

Multi-measuring staff E-mm 5mtr

Universal extendable measuring staff with E and mm reading 5 meters

• Aluminium
• with E and mm reading on front
• with mm reading on back
• Extendable to 5 m
• Can also been used as a telescopic meter

    Levelfix accessories

    Our comprehensive range of accessories make the daily use of your instruments simpler and easier. Our delivery scope includes tripods, staff level, mounting adapters, wall holders, receivers, clamps, chargers and batteries.



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